Bed and Breakfast in Rome Prati

Bed and Breakfast in Rome Prati

Choosing a bed and breakfast in the Rome Prati area can be the best solution for people to go listening to the Pope who plays Angelus.

Angelus Papa

Prati is instead the neighborhood of Rome attached to the Vatican in the north; The name comes from the wide meadows that were here and were destined for pasture of the animals of the Romans. Today the district is one of the most prestigious in Rome and also one of the most expensive in relation to the real estate market.

This, as the Catholic Encyclopedia reads, is nothing more than a devotional prayer that reminds us of the mystery of the Incarnation and praises Mary. The name of prayer comes from the original word of the text in Latin, Angelus Domini nuntiavit Mariae.

It is written on wikipedia that “in the Roman era the territory of today’s Prati district consisted of vineyards and cannets belonging to Domizia, Domizia’s wife, from which the area was named Horti Domitii (” Orti Domiziani “) and followed by Prata Neronis (“Prati di Nero”). During the Middle Ages the area was named Prata Sancti Petri (“Prati di San Pietro”) in reference to the adjacent Vatican basilica.

Until 1883 there was a vast expanse of cultivated fields, natural meadows, pastures and even swamps, dotted, especially in the slopes of Monte Mario, some farmhouses and the rest entirely desert, known as Pianella di Prati or Pianella d’Oltretevere, or even Prati di Castello (in reference to Castel Sant’Angelo).

The beauty of the neighborhood today lies in the geometrical structure typical of the Roman camps, the centrality of the ward compared to the beauties of Rome and the vast mobility services. In addition to public buses (Atac), there are several subway stations in the area as well as several service areas for taxis.

From the “Domus Prati” Bed and Breakfast you can easily reach Saint Peter’s Square because you can not reach the papal square by foot.